Keep Up With Industry News by Checking in With the Best Construction Blogs

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Nov 16, 2022

Staying on top of the latest construction industry news can be tough — even for the most dedicated professional.

And while you know a construction blog can be a great way to stay up-to-date with the news in the industry, finding the time in your crazy schedule to weed through the multitude of options may never happen. 

How do you know which blogs are worth your time and which ones are filled with fluff? 

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best construction blogs to help you expand your toolbox and keep you on the cutting edge of the construction industry.

Flexbase’s Construction Blog: Providing Up-to-Date Resources for the Construction Industry

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date blog on the web, we’d like to introduce you to Flexbase's Construction Resources.

Our construction resource blog shares the latest updates in the construction industry and provides valuable insight on hard-hitting topics like:

  • How to successfully market your construction company
  • How to create a dynamite work culture
  • How to deal with labor shortages and retain employees
  • How to manage finances and solve cash flow issues
  • And more

Why Is it Important to Follow Prominent and Authoritative Construction Blogs?

Struggling with labor shortages caused by the pandemic? 

A construction blog can provide insight into how other construction companies are tackling this issue. 

Knowledge is power, and construction blogs are a learning opportunity and a great help in building a better business from the insight and expertise of key industry players.

If you’re a company owner, contractor, or other construction industry stakeholder, construction blogs are an easy way to stay on top of … 

  • The latest trends
  • Issues and struggles
  • Landmark projects
  • Legalities
  • Safety protocols
  • Technology; and 
  • Products 

… in the industry.

20 Construction Industry Blogs to Consider Following

Before you jump into the list below, be aware that not all the following are blogs in the technical sense. To give you access to the best-of-the-best resources for the industry, we’re also including a few digital magazines and industry news sites. 

General Construction and Construction Management Blogs

#1: ConstructConnect

ConstructConnect does just what it says — it connects general contractors, subs, and building product manufacturers throughout North America, providing them with accurate, complete, and actionable construction data. 

They provide access to bidding on commercial construction projects. Plus, readers can quickly catch up on the latest: 

  • Commercial construction news
  • Construction technology
  • Hot projects, economics
  • Operating insights; and 
  • More

#2: Fieldwire Blog

Fieldwire Blog offers inspiring ‘Customer Spotlight’ content and easy-to-navigate sections that are geared toward inspiring construction teams. With a focus on precision and productivity, their blog feed also provides the latest in construction management updates.

#3: Construction Business Owner 

The Construction Business Owner magazine is packed to the brim with great information, including useful articles covering a wide variety of:

  • Topics
  • Webinars
  • Trade shows,
  • Event coverage; and 
  • Other key resources

Their purpose is to help owners of construction companies start and operate successful businesses. Created in 2004, CBO offers real-world business management education and valuable, tried-and-true management knowledge. If you’re looking for the business management tips needed to run a successful business, check them out.

#4: For Construction Pros

This massive blog offers a huge amount of information, including deep dives into: 

  • Equipment
  • Technologies and services
  • Business
  • Concrete equipment and products
  • Services; and 
  • Much more

#5: Construction Dive

Construction Dive is a comprehensive, interesting, and informative site that provides in-depth journalism and thoughtful insight into the news and trends shaping the construction industry today. 

They cover topics such as commercial building, green building, design, residential building, regulations, deals, and more. You can also sign up for their residential-specific or tech-specific newsletters for even more inspiration.

#6: Construction Executive

Construction Executive magazine and digital blog are trusted resources for top leaders in the construction industry.

They cover every angle of the industry with the goal of enabling owners and top management to run productive and profitable businesses.

Topics include hot-button issues such as: 

  • Safety and liability
  • Workforce development
  • Project management
  • Legislative action
  • Insurance
  • Estimating; and 
  • Technological advancements

#7: The Jobsite — Procore 

If you want to stay up to date on the latest stories impacting the construction industry, The Jobsite by Procore is one you won’t want to miss.

Their blog covers a wide array of relevant topics, including: 

  • Mental health
  • Sustainable building
  • Company culture
  • Skills to include on a resume
  • Top construction projects to keep an eye on
  • Workforce development; and 
  • Workplace safety

Commercial Construction Blogs

#8: HardHatChat

From Englewood Construction, HardHatChat offers thoughtful opinion pieces and commentary on commercial construction, development, and management trends. 

You’ll find pieces on relevant topics such as operational resilience, shopping mall development trends, and customer relationship management, to name a few.

#9: The eSUB Blog

This is an industry must-read, especially if you’re a subcontractor. 

The creators of eSUB know it’s the highly-skilled, hard-working contractors who are truly the backbone of the industry.. 

With a mission to empower trade contractors, the eSUB construction blog hits industry topics such as: 

  • Cash flow
  • Labor shortages
  • Managing risks
  • Insurance
  • RFIs; and 
  • More

Residential Construction Blogs

#10: Builder

Builder online magazine seeks to inform, connect, and advise the next generation of housing industry experts on all things residential. 

Their articles focus on inspiring workers by: 

  • Showcasing new building projects
  • Chronicling successful home builds
  • Detailing new products; and 
  • Presenting new technologies and techniques.

#11: Pro Builder

The official publication of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Pro Builder has been a leading provider of content for the U.S. housing industry since 1936.

They deliver relevant content on:

  • Best business practices
  • Key industry trends and issues
  • Construction how-to
  • Design
  • Innovation and technology
  • Sales and marketing; and 
  • The latest building products

Legal and Construction Safety Blogs

#12: The Construction Seyt

The Construction Seyt operates with the goal of keeping you on the job site — and out of the courtroom. 

They offer succinct updates about construction law that are designed to help facilitate best practices from the design phase through commissioning. 

This blog not only educates builders and designers about industry developments, but also strives to give practical ways to avoid disputes, and if disputes do occur, how to go about resolving them efficiently. 

#13: Federal Construction Contracting

As the name suggests, this blog was designed for contractors on federal projects.

It’s a fantastic resource for the legal information and resources contractors need access to when they’re preparing for or working on any government projects, including military and civil works.

#14: Seyfarth Shaw

Seyfarth’s Workplace Safety and Environmental Law Alert blog is a unique resource designed specifically for companies who want the news behind the headlines on the environmental law and workplace safety issues that affect their business. They offer a variety of perspectives and up-to-date information centered around the ever-evolving, complex aspects of workplace safety and environmental law.

Construction Technology Blogs

#15: Digital Builder by Autodesk 

The Digital Builder blog is the perfect resource for learning about the importance of technology in the construction industry and the benefits of construction software. 

They offer in-depth interviews and podcast episodes designed to create a solid builder's network and influence the future of construction.

#16: Contractor

Since 1954, Contractor has been delivering news and features on emerging technology for contractors. 

Focused on the areas of heating, plumbing, fire protection systems, and specialty piping, Contractor ensures that mechanical contracting professionals are up-to-date on all the latest technologies, products, and strategies to drive efficient, safe mechanical systems. 

Global Construction Blogs

#17: Construction Enquirer

Construction Enquirer keeps the UK construction industry abreast of building news, construction news, construction jobs, and contract news.

It’s updated multiple times a day by a team of several writers, so you can be sure you’re receiving the most up-to-date information available on topics such as: 

  • Commercial building
  • Asbestos
  • Concrete
  • Fencing
  • Roofing; and 
  • Much more

And their Jobs Spy section means you’ll be the first to know about the latest jobs from construction companies across the UK.

#18: The Construction Index

The Construction Index is one of the UK’s construction industry’s leading online information platforms. 

Their site provides a wide variety of content including: 

  • Contract leads
  • Tenders
  • Awards
  • Construction law analysis; and 
  • Comprehensive coverage of the main issues and news stories impacting the construction industry in the United Kingdom

#19: LetsBuild 

LetsBuild is a Denmark-based European construction tech company that desires to connect workers and bring new and innovative solutions to the construction industry.

They are passionate about helping construction to become a cleaner, better digitized, and more efficient industry by bringing modern tech to construction in a way that’s no-nonsense and easy to use.

#20: The UK Construction Blog

The UK Construction Blog specializes in providing in-depth analysis and reporting of the most important news and trends affecting the construction industry.

Their business journalists provide a wealth of content on subjects impacting the construction industry, such as: 

  • Green building
  • Commercial building
  • Residential building
  • Regulations
  • Deals
  • Design
  • Regulations; and 
  • More


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