Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Flex Credit Card

Net-60 on all purchases made by your business*

Seamless financial ecosystem with smart expense management and employee spend controls help you accelerate your business growth.

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Grow your business today, Pay us back later

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
0% Interest For 60 Days*

Designed for more cash flow

For the savvy business owner: Leverage our net-60 payment terms*,  unlimited employee cards,  smart spend controls and simple receipt capture to scale your business hassle-free.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Scaling Limits

Credit limits that grow with your business.

As your business expands – your credit limit may expand with it, so you can focus on the priority work at hand.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Expense Management

Effortlessly manage all your expenses

Simplify expense tracking, streamline receipt management, and foster an efficient spending process across your organization.

Issue Cards

Individual employee cards, at no extra cost.

Effortlessly manage your team's expenses with individual physical and virtual employee cards, with custom monthly spend limits and category restrictions.

The Flex Credit Card

Forged for your business, machined with your name

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Unlimited employee cards

Freely issue physical and virtual cards for your team, reduce the hassle of chasing receipts and managing reimbursements.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Fine-tuned expense management

Relax knowing each employee card has precise spending limits and category restrictions needed for efficient expense management.

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Roy, Business Owner
Creative Mirror Designs

“As a business owner, I've struggled to find a banking partner that truly understood my needs until I found Flex. Their personalised approach, and user-friendly platform have made managing finances a breeze.”

Made even better with integrated banking

Flex’s seamless digital  platform includes powerful financial tools that simplify the way you manage your finances across your organization.

Powerful banking tools

Earn up to 3.62% on idle cash,** take advantage of free domestic ACH/Wire transfers, enjoy 1% cashback on your debitcard.*** No minimum deposit required.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking

Financial insights

Watch cash flow grow and monitor your business’s financial health with our spend reports. Integrate with Quickbooks to streamline bookkeeping.

Concierge support

Whether you're facing an urgent issue or simply seeking guidance, our dedicated concierge team is here to provide support, via phone, message, or email anytime.

As secure as a fortress

We prioritize security as the cornerstone of all our services, ensuring your financial data is safeguarded with the utmost care.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
FDIC & SIPC insurance

Thanks to our trusted partner bank, your Flex banking account funds are FDIC insured up to $2.5M. Explore our Treasury product for up to $75M in FDIC insurance through our partner ADM.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Automated fraud monitoring

Our fraud engineering and compliance teams work in tandem to create and deploy cutting-edge technologies and protocols aimed at detecting and targeting any suspicious activities.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Regulated Partners*

Your money is always safe with us. Your deposits are consistently maintained in federally regulated checking accounts under your name.

*For payments serviced by CurrencyCloud, funds are safeguarded by FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
SOC 2 compliance

Our security protocols and processes are topnotch — and we undergo rigorous independent auditing to maintain them.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Proactive protection

We employ a range of techniques to deter phishing attempts, including device verification to detect and prevent the use of compromised credentials.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Robust encryption

We employ industry-standard protocols to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, whether it's stored on our servers or transmitted over the internet.

Flex Finance Credit Card Business Banking
Uncompromising authentication

We employ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to fortify the security of all your accounts with Flex.

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Robert, Business Owner
Coastal Pier and Dock

“In order to grow, it takes capital, and getting 0% for 60 days has made a huge difference in our budget.”

Decades of Expertise, Tailored for Flexibility

Experience financial excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flex?

Flex is a financial technology company powering the leading finance super-app for businesses. Flex empowers companies to consolidate their financial services and workflows in order to effectively build, manage, and protect their finances and optimize their cashflow.

Flex’s core components are:
- Flex Banking
- Flex Credit Card
- Flex Treasury Management

What is the Flex Credit Card?

The Flex Credit Card or Flex Card is a corporate card that comes with 0% interest for 60 days on every single purchase. With Flex, businesses can get unlimited employee physical and virtual cards with category and spending limits to manage business expenses in real-time. Unlike other corporate cards, Flex has no monthly or annual maintenance fees and no late fee charges. Flex offers credit limits that grow as a business grows.

Flex Cards are available to businesses operating within the United States (except CA, NV, SD, ND, and VT) and Puerto Rico.

How do Flex’s Credit Card extended payment terms work?

Cash flow is one of the biggest problems facing businesses today. Flex is tackling this challenge with the Flex Credit Card - a corporate card with extended payment terms. You have at least 60 days to pay at 0% interest on every transaction you make on the Flex Credit Card.

How does it work?

Payments are due twice per month, on the 15th and the last day of the month, for the two-week period 60 days ago.

- Purchases made from 04/01 to 04/15 are due on 06/15
- Purchases made from 04/16 to 04/30 are due on 06/30
- Purchases made from 05/01 to 05/15 are due on 07/15
- Purchases made from 05/16 to 05/31 are due on 07/31

Does applying to Flex impact my credit score?

No, applying to Flex does not impact your credit score. Flex conducts a soft credit pull, which is a non-intrusive way to check certain details of your credit report without affecting your score.

Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number (SSN)?

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means for you: when you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you.

Why do I have to link my bank account(s) when signing up?

Flex uses Plaid Inc. (“Plaid”) to gather your data from financial institutions for bank account verification and fraud prevention. We’ll use this information for the purpose of evaluating your business’s creditworthiness and will not share it with any third parties.